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Restaurant Washrooms

Restaurant Washrooms

Restaurant washrooms and toilets are probably one of the most critical elements in a customer’s experience. Research has shown that washroom and toilet facilities in restaurants frequently rate higher in a customer’s decision to re-visit a restaurant than the food or service! Successful restaurants have of course tapped into this knowledge and have rigorous washroom and toilet refurbishment programmes.

Washrooms and toilet designs for restaurants are based on easy to clean and maintain toilet cubicles, urinals and facilities that look good and convey the impression that the management cares about the back of house facilities as well as the front of house.

It is not a great stretch of the imagination that some customers will equate run-down restaurant washroom and toilet facilities with a run-down kitchen. Equally so the converse is true of course. Well-designed clean and fresh toilet facilities are likely to equate to a clean and professionally run kitchen too. All that’s left for you to do is serve the food (but preferably not in the washrooms of course even if they are “that clean”!)

Stevens Washrooms will design your restaurant washrooms and toilet facilities to both reflect the décor and design of the restaurant needs to start at an early stage. We would liaise with the restaurant management or restaurant designer to arrive a washroom cubicle systems design that reflects the whole ethos of the business.

Stevens Washrooms Cubicle Systems Hampshire

Your restaurant washroom can be installed from pre-built units or, as toilet cubicle manufacturers we can manufacture bespoke cubicle systems and laminate. We also have a range of sensor operated taps and flush in our cubicle sanitary ware which can be included into your design and are also available in our online shop.